KR Display uses a JSON configuration file upon startup to determine it's run parameters. The system uses the parameters to request a list of cells (assembly lines) and building utilities from the database.

With a list of cells the system then forms a job queue for the cell specific queries that will be repeated called, a general information query, a variance query, and an auto-state query. Once everything has been initialised a worker is created for every query at every cell.

Each worker has a specific query for a specific cell, once the specific work is completed another worker for the same information is added to the queue after a short delay. The workers collect general cell information: parts made at cell, part names, build quantity, build target, current operator, current downtime, and total downtime. The workers also collect data as an array over time for graphing: The cycle variance for each part with a target cycle time, and the auto-state.

The system takes the results from the worker queries and updates the local Mongo database models, this allows any displays to be automatically updated without user input. Since the cell models are dynamically created from the external database, the display is formed with human read-able links and menus to all available cells.


Tags: Meteor, JS, Node, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, MSSQL
KR Display Menus

The cell display page now has operator menus for scrap reporting, maintenance, downtime reporting, and wellness reporting:

The operator menu displays the current operator and information about their current shift. The auto time indicates time that the cell has actually been making parts:

The shift report allows the team member to let their leaders know how they feel. They can also use this section to pass along any safety or equipment concerns:

Wellness options on the shift report:

The event report allows the team member to report any disturbances during run time:

The event report has an editable list of event types:

The scrap report allows the team member to track any non conforming parts made at the cell